• The EAST EXPRESS CARD is a loyalty program by Servay & Parkwell (S&P).
  • The EAST EXPRESS CARD does not serve as a credit card or charge card and cannot be used for the purchase of any goods or services.
  • The EAST EXPRESS CARD membership is not transferable by name and is reserved for the exclusive use of the EAST EXPRESS CARD Member.

Eligibility of Membership

  • Membership is open to all customers above the age of 16 years old.
  • A RM10 application fee is required for an EAST EXPRESS CARD membership and is renewable with an annual fee of RM10.
  • A Principal EAST EXPRESS CARD Member is allowed to apply for ONE Supplementary EAST EXPRESS CARD with the processing fee of RM5 and renewable ANNUALLY at RM5.
  • The Supplementary EAST EXPRESS CARD membership will expire together with the Principal EAST EXPRESS CARD expiry regardless of the application date for the supplementary card.
  • In the event that the EAST EXPRESS CARD expires or is terminated by either party, all points and rebates will be considered null and void.
  • A fee at RM10 will be charged for replacement of lost, stolen or damage card.
  • S&P may refuse an application for the membership and reserves the right not to disclose the reasons for such refusal. No correspondence or appeals will be entertained.

Point Collection System

  • EAST EXPRESS CARD Members must present their EAST EXPRESS CARD to the cashier when making any purchase for accumulation of points.
    Failing to do so will result in no points awarded for amount spends. No late receipt or excuses will be entertained.
  • For every RM 3 net spent, 1 bonus point will be awarded.
  • Only member with sufficient points are entitled to redemption of rewards or benefits.
  • Supplementary EAST EXPRESS CARD cannot be used for the purposes of redeeming goods or rebates. Bonus points for purchases by supplementary EAST EXPRESS CARD Member will be transferred to principle EAST EXPRESS CARD Members’ account for accumulation.
  • Bonus points are not applicable to the purchase of gift vouchers and are not redeemable for monetary value of any kind.
  • Cardholders is subjected to Terms & Conditions applied to redemption, this is include but not limited to present the member card and
    NRIC / Passport during redemptions.

Termination of Membership & Expiry of Membership

  • EAST EXPRESS CARD Member can choose to terminate or renew his/her card at any time before the expiry date at his/her discretion. Upon each renewal regardless of the time when the renewal was made, member will be given an extension of 1 year of membership from the last expired date. 
  • Registration and Renewal Fees are strictly not refundable.
  • S&P reserves the right to terminate a membership of EAST EXPRESS CARD as and when necessary without notice.
  • S&P reserves the right to use and utilize the EAST EXPRESS CARD member database information for any marketing and promotional purposes.
  • S&P reserves the right to send Points Summary Statement, catalogues or other promotional literature by any means of communication to an EAST EXPRESS CARD Member at any time at its own discretion or make any amendment to any part of the terms and conditions hereof mentioned without prior notice to the EAST EXPRESS CARD Members. Any amendment made to the existing terms and conditions will automatically overwrite the old format of terms and conditions.
  • In the circumstances whereby confusion arises due to misinterpretation of meaning or misunderstanding of this terms and conditions due to the difference in translation or languages, the English version should remain as the final guideline or reference.
  • S&P have reserved the right to amend the point structural with or without prior notice to cardholders. However, a general notice will be posted at S&P outlets to announce any changes thereof.